There are few types of marketing that offer the advanced targeting and high impact potential that comes with postcard marketing.  The difference between a successful campaign and an unsuccessful one can come from one of a few factors.   Obviously, the list is the most important part of the program.  A good list is essential to your postcard advertising success, but let’s look further.

Here are 5 tips for a more successful postcard marketing program.

1) KISS your design – Keep It Simple Stupid.b2ap3 thumbnail lips 20140307 230201 1

Too often, mailers want to “get more value” out of their campaign by loading the postcard with extra offers, more benefits…. more clutter.  It’s like overtalking on your first date because you’re trying to impress.  People aren’t going to digest large amounts of information off a postcard.  Stick the key benefits and put your best foot forward…. without scaring them off!

2) Remember where the front of the card is, umm…it’s on the back.arrows

The first thing people generally do with mail is look at the address and see who it’s delivered to on the address side of the postcard.  This makes the address side the real “front”, or the most important side.  You have more room on the other side for details anyway without the address bar and permit space.  You have to catch their interest here, or you’re flying fast to the “circular” file.

3) Don’t spend too much on printing.

If you’re reading this, you may already have settled into postcards as opposed to other fancy alternatives.  However, we’ve seen many campaigns overspend on an envelope mail piece to try to impress instead of using those funds to get more pieces delivered or increase their number of impressions.  Linen is nice, but unless you’re selling an extremely upscale or expensive item, the content is king!  However, consider spending a little more on a postcard piece that’s not the cookie cutter sizes.  Most people send 4×6 and 5.5″x8.5″ postcards.  These sizes have the best cost per piece in their size range.  If you’re sending a standard mail piece above 4×6″ size, your postage won’t change and you’ll be more noticable with a different size piece if your message lends itself well to it.  At Big Step, we have over 30 different postcard sizes available.  Try to make an impact and being different can help.

4) Write a good, concise header and call-to-action line.attention

These 2 sentences can make or break your success.  Your header needs to be short, inviting and to the point.  Your call-to-action needs to be clear and prominent.

5) Prepare a good sales plan.

Of course we want phone calls but with your web address, don’t send them to your home page.  Send them to a targeted landing page specific to your postcard.  Reinforce your message, give them a little more information, and include a contact form.  If they opt-out at that point, make sure your other options are visible – email lists, social media connections, etc.   If you’re spending thousands on a postcard marketing program, a few hundred more for a better web presence and a higher closing rate is money well spent.

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