Considering Outsourcing Internet Marketing Services?

What to look for in an outsourced internet marketing partner for your small business.outsourcing
If you’re thinking about outsourcing your internet marketing but don’t know the first thing about it, consider the following factors before you hire someone.

Are they Trustworthy, and are their results Transparent and Trackable (we’ll call it the 3 T’s).


The internet marketing industry is flooded with people offering ridiculous deals to handle your SEO and Social Media Marketing.  Most of us get 10 emails a day for “$99 SEO” or “SEO services from India, 1st page on Google?”  And that’s just from my inbox today. Having worked in this industry for long enough, I have contacted these people to investigate what they are doing.  What I’ve found is a lot of dated practices, and in this industry, dated is not good.  The perception is that these services are cheap, and any knowledge of how a website works leads to knowledge of how to get business from the internet.

The fact is that virtually none of these companies and virtually no web designers are marketers.  They won’t take the time to understand the benefits of your business and develop strategies to take on your market.  Web development modifications have a big place in SEO and internet marketing but it’s just the start.  Don’t expect results from someone that doesn’t take the time to understand your business and how to market your company.

To develop a trusting relationship with an internet marketing contractor, you have to find someone that cares about your success and is asking the right questions about your business.  The goal is to develop the right on-line strategy.

b2ap3 thumbnail internet marketing tracking
Trusting your agency also comes from their ability to offer transparency in their actions.  At Big Step, we maintain a client platform and send monthly reports so that clients can have 24/7 access to all facets of internet marketing reports, rankings, analytics, social, paid advertising and monthly tasks.


Offering a transparent platform leads to trackability, but more importantly, is your internet marketer focused on your results or just rankings?  There are many lead tracking platforms available that track phone calls, contact/quote form submissions and chats.  This is included in monthly programs at Big Step Marketing and should be a part of any program to help understand what is working and improve your marketing efforts.lead-tracking
The internet marketing process involves many stages: Strategy, Web Development and Design, Internet Marketing Mix (SEO, PPC, Social), Conversion Testing, and Analytics.

When you find a partner that you can Trust that offers Transparent, Trackable results for your business, you are probably in the right place.

If you would like more information, call Steve Davey Big Step Marketing at 888-681-3433.