Using Gmail to send and receive emails

Gmail spam filters are very good, and utilizing the Gmail phone app can be a smart way to check email on your phone with less spam and save space.

To send email as your work email address in gmail:

1) Go to Settings (the gear in the upper right in gmail), click “See all settings” in that dropdown
2) If we are already forwarding your Rhino Shield email to your gmail, then in Settings go to “Accounts and Import”, “Send mail as:”
send as gmail
3) Click “Add another email address”
Add your Full Name as it will appear in the from line on your emails
Enter your Rhino Shield email address
And click “specify a different replay to address and type your email address in there as well
4) click Next Step…
Enter smtp mail server “”. Enter your domain URL into that your domain spot.. for instance
Enter your full email address for username
Enter your password (if you don’t know it, email and I will reset it, but you will need to change other devices that pull mail down off the server and/or your webmail login).  I do not save your passwords, but I can reset them.
5) An email gets sent to you from the gmail platform, get the verification code from it and enter in the last screen here:
You are done. However, if your email is not being forwarded into a gmail yet and you want to pull it in there directly, you can set the up in the next section down in Settings/Accounts & Import/”Check mail from other accounts”