Are you a Small Business Owner trying to figure out why your internet marketing isn’t producing for your marketing budget? 

It might be a simple case that your budget is spread too thin.  If you have a competitive product or service and you are investing a small ad budget each month (under $2,000 for instance).  There’s a good chance you are spreading your budget across too large of an area and into too few internet platforms to make a difference.

Consider a strategy of getting “hyper local” and place your monthly budget into rotating geographic zones across multiple platforms.  If you have a product or service that has mass appeal, you will benefit from the increased impressions and branding of using a hyper local strategy.  If your product or service has more of a niche audience, you can take the same approach if you understand where geographic pockets of your clients reside and work.

The benefits of a hyper local internet marketing approach include:

1) the ability to be more of a large fish in a smaller pond (if even for a short period of time) gives you more impressions.

2) the possibility of a more condensed area of projects if you are in a service industry leading to less drive time.

3) the ability to run more targeted ads and focus on more targeted keywords for those areas may lead to more conversions.

4) there may be added SEO benefits.

The detriments are that:

1) it takes more marketing effort and knowledge of different options.

2) it may take some time to determine what budget will get you the impressions, visitors and conversions you are looking for.

In addition, there may be other direct marketing options like Every Door Direct Mailings (EDDM) that you can use to compliment this strategy and further increase your impressions and branding in targeted areas.

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