On-line marketing is often a challenge for Medical Research Marketing Directors looking to expand the reach of their center and produce study participants from the internet.  There are many choices available and many variables.

Here’s a quick chart to explore the advantages, disadvantages and estimated costs of several paid networks and how they relate to obtaining organic search engine ranking for your website.


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Organic SEO Rank


weight_loss_research_studies_-_Google_SearchOptimizing your website so it ranks well on broad based keywords like “volunteering for research” and “paid research” will pay long-term dividends in producing a flow of potential study participants because of it’s staying power.  Further optimization on keyword related to your practice helps craft your Research Center and it’s Doctors as experts in the field when you rank well.  The amount of time to achieve good ranking varies depending on the strategy, your competition on those keywords, and the state of your website.

Search Advertising

adwordsThe most targeted is paid search advertising (Google Adwords and Bing/Yahoo Ads) but you can’t always be certain of the amount of people showing interest in your specific study medical condition in any given period.  Some degree of more broad search intent should be considered when you create a campaign to help create.  As important as the development of the campaign, keywords and ads are to the success of your campaign, the landing page you send them to is equally as important.  Even small campaigns of just a few hundred dollars make sense to compliment your efforts but it may cost significantly more to see real results.

Display Advertising

Think of display advertising as casting a broader net as it’s often used more for branding purposes but you still have the ability to run graphical ads on select sites by keyword webmd.com.

Facebook Advertising

facebookFacebook’s interest data is suspect when you attempt to create targeted programs, but Facebook does offer some intriguing options for Medical Research Centers like the ability to boost your study related posts to a much greater audience in your geographic region.  Advertising to friends of your facebook fans also brings a “forced referral” option that can be helpful.  Facebook’s popularity can lead to good sharing support of your study opportunities.

The best option is generally a strategic mix of different internet network options to diversify and maximize your budget.

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