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Every local company needs a local internet marketing strategy. If you aren’t focusing on your local organic rank, you are losing business everyday.

It’s likely that someone is searching for your type of business locally right now, and they’re not using the yellow pages either. If they’re not finding you, they are finding your competitors. The lion share are using Google and if you’re not playing by the rules that the search engines play by, you don’t stand a chance.

local seo 1ballwin mo internet marketing Google Search 2015 10 28 08.20.23It’s been published by many sources that Local SEO drives more clicks than any other internet marketing channel. It’s more competitive than ever with Google’s new 3 pack, with just 3 local listings showing in many local search result spaces.


Small Business SEO Strategy & What to Expect from Local SEO

There isn’t a one-size fits all Small Business SEO Strategy.  There are many factors that determine our Local SEO strategy and how long it can take to see top results on your keywords.

Local SEO Strategy and Time Factors include:

  • Domain Age and History
  • State of Your Website – Past SEO Penalties, Mobile-Friendly Site, Amount of Basic On-Site Work Required, Off-Site SEO State
  • Competition of Your Keywords
  • Level of Commitment to a Complete Program (On and Off-Site SEO, Social, Blogging, Etc) or Partial Commitment (On-Site SEO Only)

marketing strategy internet channelsIf you’re serious about building long-term equity in your website, a consultation and analysis is required to attempt to give an estimate.  Anyone can tell you that they’ll get you to the top quickly, it how shady marketers get orders.  If you’re a brand new website or business in a competitive industry, conducting proper SEO generally won’t produce incredible results in under 3-6 months.  But it is required for your website to eventually rank and gain rankings that aren’t temporary.  For new websites or websites that have been hit by penalties, it can take a year or more to gain significant ground and find it’s way to the top.

More importantly, once you get there, a good long-term content marketing strategy will help keep the site relevant with changes, blogs, social media posts, and on and off-site improvements.

We’ll help you discover an internet marketing strategy that fits your budget and your expectations.   Get started with a Free SEO Audit today.

Local SEO Landscape and What We Do to Navigate It

Nearly all consumers now go online to find local products or services.   A whopping 97%!  (BIA/Kelsey’s www.bia.com and www.kelseygroup.com)

Here’s how Moz.org’s GetListed.Org maps the local search engine ecosystem:

Looks a little like the wires in the back of your television doesn’t it?  Google is at the center of the system, with others always on the move.  We’ll make sense of your current web presence and we’ll optimize you across the wide variety of local citation listings.

We’ll analyze your website based on important local factors like:

  • On-site Setup
  • Content & Content Structure
  • Local Citations
  • Local Search Engine Accounts
  • Local Links & Web Presence

Good local SEO starts out with a well structured plan with your budget in mind.   We feature several different programs for local SEO listed below that we recommend for businesses based on the number of keywords we are working on and the geographic area you serve.  If you want to manage your own social media presence completely in-house, or if you just want an on-site SEO improvement over a 30 day period, we can help.  Take a look at the programs below and click “Get Started” on the bottom or give us a call.

If you aren’t ready to commit your website to a complete SEO program, we also offer a Local SEO Starter Program that takes 60 days.  Call us for details.



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