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PartnerBadge HorizontalBig Step Marketing is a member of the Google Partner Program and is experienced in PPC campaign set-up and management on Google, Bing/Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIN and other networks.  We can help you with all phases of PPC Management, from initial set-up, to on-going management.  We structure our management fees to make sense for the advertiser, based on the amount of overall PPC spend.

If you have a low budget program, we can structure a 3 month set-up program and then a quarterly review to keep your management costs low.  We also offer hourly consulting programs to assist those who prefer to spend the time to do most of the work themselves.

Why use a PPC Management Service (when Google offers “free” support):

  1. Google’s support is limited to basic assistance in setting up campaigns
  2. Keyword Research and Keyword Tweaking and Testing takes time and is at the core of an efficient, optimized campaign
  3. You will spend hundreds to thousands of $ in useless clicks if your campaign is not set-up and managed correctly (which is why our service often pays for itself)

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There are a lot of great business reasons to use Pay Per Click.  In many ways, it’s the new yellow pages, although it’s a tough transition for many.  People used to take comfort in the fact that their yellow pages ads were printed tens of thousands of times, even if it didn’t necessarily produce results.  Today, we pay for clicks or impressions and consumers are able to get large amounts of information about their purchase fast and often look at 5-7 websites before they make a decision.

Strategic PPC Management considers everything from proper keyword research to landing page conversion rates.  Big Step Marketing does all this, and at rates lower than local or national PPC Management firms.  We are a member of the Google Partner program and we are experienced in pay per click advertising on Google, Bing/Yahoo, Facebook and other platforms.

Why use Pay Per Click advertising:

  • PPC is Fast
    We can have a good campaign running in 24 hours.
  • PPC Gets a Large Percentage of Clicks
    Over 50% of product and service related clicks to go Pay Per Click ads.  Search engines make sure of it.
  • PPC is Targeted and Effective
    Visitors to your site driven by PPC are there because of your targeted message.
  • PPC is Measurable
    PPC allows you to know exactly how much return you are getting on your marketing dollars.

adwordsTo some degree, PPC is for everyone.  On the smallest scale, a campaign to combat competitors digital influence is a must.  On a larger scale, it’s a great tool to attract new customers, and there’s total control of the daily spend.  It’s great for seasonal and geographically sensitive businesses because you can control when and where your ads display.

The difference between a successful campaign and an unsuccessful campaign is proper PPC campaign optimization and your landing page content and call to action.

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