SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

seoSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategic plan to improve your website through solid on-site and off-site practices to put the best foot forward for your company.

Your website can either be an asset to your company or a liability.  SEO is building equity in your online presence and your brand.  SEO offers a long-term return that other channels like Pay Per Click can’t.

Consider SEO as telling your story online and building your brand without the high costs of past marketing techniques, trade shows, printing, mailings, etc.   An investment in your website’s optimization.

Understanding Organic SEO

organic searchIn the past, crafty mechanics could serve as effective website optimization.  Today, gaming the system doesn’t make sense.  If you are in the business for the long haul, investing in quality improvements in your web presence is the best move.

Strong organic SEO brings you more free traffic and can be long-term when combined with an on-going marketing strategy.  

Big Step Marketing SEO Goals

At Big Step, we follow some basic principles when we work for clients:

  1. Create a strategy and follow it
  2. Implement sound technical practices
  3. Focus on being the expert in your field & tell your story
  4. Connect to the outside world

These principles are consistent with what the search engines are looking for and we follow them closely in our SEO plans.

Packages and Pricing

social media packagesEvery website is different and includes a different competitive landscape and a different strategy.  Simplifying the work that goes into optimizing your site is a challenge, but we offer some consistent programs that we modify with a strategy for your website.

Each program runs a minimum of 6 months and includes easy to understand, detailed monthly reporting and our real-time ranking platform.

Local and Regional Programs:

National Programs:

These programs include 5 key areas of development:

  1. Keyword Research and Website Structure Improvement
  2. On-site Improvements
  3. Off-site Search Engine Optimization
  4. Blogging and Social Media Integration
  5. Off-site SEO

We include additional digital marketing tactics depending on the strategy we employ for your website.

What Results to Expect

Results will differ from one company to another because of a number of variables:

  • How well the website was developed
  • Age of website
  • Level of competition
  • Strategy and implementation time and money

brand developmentNo one can guarantee results in the current landscape of SEO, but at Big Step we utilize only white hat, proven methods that help your company, your brand, and your website.

Long-term, SEO is the best, most cost-effective method of digital marketing with it’s ability to produce positive long-term ROI.

Take a big step towards better SEO, call us today for a no-cost consultation.

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