Most small business owners are aware that the local SEO landscape is changing rapidly, although most aren’t aware how much it is changing.  Those that are aware often know because they embraced one SEO tactic that was hot for a while and now has been hit by a Google algorithim change like massive link building, social media bookmarking from abroad, or guest blogging black hat tactics.

What’s often skipped and overlooked is good, sound digital marketing strategy for your local SEO.

What we stress at Big Step Marketing and is a return to your strategy and plan rather than any hot tactic.  We b2ap3 thumbnail seo strategy keyword chartemphasize a well rounded approach, or at least the best approach that will fit in within your budget and goal.  Central to good strategy is organizing your keywords, synonyms, website pages and on-site and off-site local SEO placements (see example diagram).

There are very few “tactics” for your off-site local SEO that won’t get abused and then reduced by one of the next Google algorithm changes, which are coming faster and more furious than ever before.

In fact, if someone is evaluating our service against an email offer they received promising 1st page ranking at incredible prices, we try to inform them of the big picture, but the bottom line is that we are probably not a good fit.  They are more interested in the latest gimmick to rise quickly in the rankings.

Most sites weren’t designed to rank well, they were often purchased by price or because of appearance, and in almost every one of these cases the website was never set up properly or given a chance to rank as well as it could.

While Google, Bing and Yahoo and the overall landscape changes rapidly, good tried and true SEO won’t change:

  1. Create a good strategy with consideration to your goal and budget
  2. Improve your on-site structure
  3. Update your site, blog and make your site relevant
  4. Categorize your pages by popularity, $ value and analyze how the convert.  Improve them.
  5. Connect with local citation sources or the broader market if your national or global
  6. Connect with social media
  7. Conduct smart off-site SEO, no gimmicks

Starting with good strategy and sticking to a sound digital marketing plan will serve you well for years to come, despite how fast the SEO landscape changes.